Competition Zone Zeelandbrug (32) - Oosterschelde

Diving the Oosterschelde's Zeeland Bridge is a real experience. It is one of the best, but busiest, dive sites in the Netherlands. The first pillar of the Zeeland Bridge is covered in growth.  There is plenty to see! Lobsters, crabs, lumpsuckers, cuttlefish, nudibranchs, starfish, seabass, rock gunnels, shannies, gobies, whelks and sole.

It is a well-known spot where cuttlefish lay their eggs in spring. As soon as the water temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius, the cuttlefish swim from the North Sea into the Oosterschelde. They can be seen at a number of dive sites. Seahorses are occasionally spotted in summer.

The Zeeland Bridge is not only an interesting dive site because of the rich growth on the pillars, but also because of the grey mullets and seabass that swim around them.

Large areas of the pillars are home to oaten pipes hydroids and the flower-like cnidaria. They attract several species of nudibranchs, which can also be found here. Squat lobsters can often be found hiding at the base of the pillars among the oysters and mussels.

In 2009, the dikes around this dive site were reinforced and a large eco reef of different sized boulders was placed. Some of the boulders are two metres across. The reef runs around the first pillar to about 300 metres westwards.

The competition zone stretches eastwards of the two pillars to the red buoy #42. Dives here during the competition will be shore dives.



  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Toilet
  • Fill station
  • Restaurant

This site can be dived at both high and low tide. Take note of the current! The current can be strong outside slack water.

Only the first and second pillars of the north side of the Zeeland Bridge are open to divers. Diving is prohibited at the other pillars.

Recreational fishing is sometimes done here from small boats. If there are recreational fishers about, either take extra care or dive elsewhere.

Depth First pillar low tide: 6 metres

Depth second pillar low tide: 22 metres

Recommended maximum depth:  20 metres




Galgelaantje, Zierikzee


Closest Divecenter:

Duikcentrum Diving Duuveland

Noord Achterweg 2, Ouwerkerk


Closest fill station:

Dive location Zeelandbrug (32)

Galgelaantje, Zierikzee


Closest accommodation:

Zeeland vakantiewoningen

Blankersweg 4A, Brouwershaven



Underwater photos: Ron Offermans