Competition Zone 'Dreischor Gemaal' - Grevelingen (4)
Dreischor Gemaal, or mill, is a well-known dive site among divers in the Netherlands. Many beginners dive here to gain experience in diving in Zeeland. It is therefore a good place to do your first dive in Zeeland.

If you stand on top of the dike, you can easily see the outline of the part of the mill that lies above water. But it is the part that lies under the water that is interesting. If the visibility is good and the sun's rays shine through the water, the scene among the mill's pipes is wonderful: every centimetre of the structure is covered in growth. To the east of the mill, parallel to the windmills, lies the old dike, also covered in life and providing shelter to many underwater creatures.

The mill's tall vertical pillars are covered in various species of sponge, seaweed and anemones, while the underside of the horizontal pipes is home to a large number of transparent ascidians. Rock gunnels swim among the ascidians, and once in a while shorthorn sculpin can be spotted here.

The competition zone lies to the east of the mill and stretches from the most eastward lying windmill to the second windmill from the west. Diving at the mill itself is prohibited during the competition. Dives during the competition will be done from a boat.





  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Unsafe entry into the water!

There is a risk of the mill starting while you are in the water here. This creates whirlpools in the water and the visibility in the vicinity of the mill immediately deteriorates. It is safer to stay away from the mill. Make sure that you do not enter the concrete waterways and do not touch any fishing nets as these are fishing grounds.


The entry into the water can be unsafe! The entry may become slippery in wet weather or if used by many divers.


Depth of mill's pillars: 6 metres

Recommended maximum depth: 20 metres




Zuidlangeweg (follow the dikeroad to the right), Dreischor


Closest Divecenter:

Duikschool De Dijk

Zuidweg 30, Zonnemaire


Closest fill station:

Dive location Frans Kok Rif (5)

Zuidlangeweg , Dreischor


Closest accommodation:

Zeeland vakantiewoningen

Blankersweg 4A, Brouwershaven

Underwater photos: Ron Offermans