Competition Zone 12 - Neeltje Jans

Twelfth competition site added

The four final competition sites will be made known on Thursday afternoon 21 May. A twelfth site has been added to the list of possible competition sites: Neeltje Jans. This is a unique location where competitors dive among the hanging ropes of a mussel farm. The ropes are beautifully grown over with mussels and other underwater life. It is the perfect site for wide angle lenses, with or without models.


Diving is only permitted at this twelfth and last competition site during the World Championship as there is usually a permanent ban on diving here. This means that there will be no independent practice dives here before the competition dive. Should this site be chosen as one of the final competition sites, there will be one opportunity for a practice dive for all participants on 22 May.


The government is giving the World Championships a temporary permit to dive here.

Photo: Roel van der Mast