Thursday may 21th - The Opening ceremony
The opening day! The opening ceremony of the World Championship will be held in the Nieuwe Kerk in Zierikzee. Prior to this event all teams will be welcomed on the square in front of the Nieuwe Kerk by, amongst others, pupils from primary schools who participated in a special project on the underwater-life in the Oosterschelde. Everyone is invited to participate in welcoming the teams!


The teams will meet that evening for technical instructions and the announcement of the four locations that have officially been assigned to this championship.

2.30 PM - WK parade - De Nieuwe Kerk, Zierikzee
3.15 PM - Opening ceremony - De Nieuwe Kerk, Zierikzee 

Friday may 22nd - day of practicing

Today is the day that all participants can practice. In order that all participants can familiarize themselves with the circumstances and procedures, this day will be the same as the following two competition days. This will be followed by the first dive; how will the teams experience this?

Saturday may 23rd - first competition day

A very exciting day! The first competition day! Today is the day, the photographers have a plan, and everyone is focused and has their camera ready to go. All participants will have two dives today each at a different location.

Sunday may 24th - Second competition day

Today will be the second day of the event, a copy of the first day. The participants will dive twice again; each dive at a different location. At the end of the day the World Championship will come to a close for the participants, they have had four dives at four different dive-sites in Zeeland and they have taken all the pictures they need and want. That evening they will start the task of choosing their five best pictures from the maximal two hundred pictures that each photographer has been allowed to take. One photo for each category!


The five categories are;


  • Wide-angle without a model
  • Wide-angle with a model
  • Close-up photo without a theme
  • Fish
  • Close-up photo with a team: Lobster
The pictures can be submitted until midnight.
monday may 25th - judging and awards ceremony

The photographers are ready; their photos have been submitted, nothing to be done anymore. Several excursions in Zeeland are planned for this day whilst the jury will meet to decide who will be the new World Champion. During this closed jury meeting (no public allowed) the judges will make a first selection of all photos. The public judging, which will be held at the end of the day, will decide who will be definite winner per category.

This public judging is one of the best parts of this competition. This is where all participants, the volunteers and the invited guest are all in one room to see the presentation of each category’s ten best pictures. The seven-man jury will announce there and then the score per picture. Excitement in the room, joy when a photographer sees his name on the screen, disappointment when a photographer sees that his pictures are not shown. Each category will be judged and the third, second and first price winner will be honored. The person who scores the most points in all five categories will be the new World Champion. Who that is will be announced later that evening on the beach in Renesse. An invitational only party for all the participants to conclude this World Championship event will follow this presentation.

6.00 - 7.30 PM - Publication world champion - Our Seaside, Renesse Beach