Soner Yarkin – Captain of the Turkish Team

I was born in Tokat/Turkey. I have graduated from Agricultural Engineering from Uludağ University . I am working for in my own company in shipping trading, importing and exporting of Agricultural and Foresty Products.

Visual commission

I am the President of the Visual Commision in Turkish Underwater Sports Federation (TSSF) since 2006 and I am also member of the CMAS Visual Commision since 2009. I organized different National Championships which is named TSSF Golden Fin Underwater Photo and Video National Championship 10 times in  last years. I was director of 13. CMAS World Underwater Photography Championship in 2011 which was held in Turkey. 23 country’s and 43 teams participated this game.


The Turkish National Teams is very succesfull in European and World Championships. We won the gold medal in 2005 in Spain, won two times bronz in 2007 in Mauritus, we became world champion in 2011 in Bodrum /Turkey and we are the European Champion since Cenk Ceylanoğlu won at the European Championship at the Azores Islands in 2014. We are expecting to be World Champion again in Netherlands.

Cenk Ceylanoğlu - Photographer

Cenk was born in the Aegean coast of Turkey in 1974. Starting from his early childhood, he was interested in swimming and snorkeling. He started scuba diving in 90's when he moved to Istanbul for his University education in Dental school. He started underwater photography in 2003 with a passion of showing underwater beauties to his friends and family. He is a part time amateur underwater photographer and he takes pictures all around the world including Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Red Sea, Azores, Mediterranean and Aegean seas. He is a full time orthodontist in his private clinics in İstanbul since 2004. 


Cenk won more than 50 titles in international and national underwater photography competitions including the Turkish champion of underwater photography in 2014 and he is the European Champion in CMAS 1st European underwater photography championship 2014, Azores-Portugal.

Taner Atilgan - Photographer

I was born in 1983 in Mugla/Turkey . After having primary & secondary education at my hometown, I moved to Istanbul in 2001 for undergraduate study and have been living there since.

As an architect, I have graduated from Istanbul Technical University and studying for master degree in civil engineering at Istanbul Culture University. I have been involved in large-scale construction projects as a part of project management teams, and  still working as a technical manager. Furthermore, I worked as a professional musician during undergraduate study, and nowadays, I play with professionals as a hobby.

Diving experience
Milestones of my scuba career are: Started diving in 2008, started underwater photography in 2010, became a CMAS instructor in 2011, became the national underwater photography champion in 2013, and elected to the national team in 2014.

First time
This is the first CMAS Underwater Photography World Championship that  I participate in, and it’s a great honour to be among these  successful worldclass photographers. My main goal for this contest is to gain experience for next world championships and have real fun.

Sait Özgür Gedikoğlu - Assistent

Sait was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1982. He started free diving at the age of 9 and scuba diving at 14. After studying Media Studies in Bilgi University, he gained Masters Degree in Arts in Galatasaray University on Television Broadcasting Programme. In 2005, he started underwater photography and in 2008 he started underwater videography.

Sait has won more than ten underwater imaging prizes both nationally and internationally, as underwater videographer. He currently works as director and producer for his own advertising agency, ‘folkBCA’, and underwater director of photography for his own underwater imaging company, ‘Balıkgözü Sualtı’.

Caglar Yilmaz - Asistant

Born in Istanbul, 1985. Completed my bachelor’s degree in architecture and attended a master’s programme in building physics to specialize in lighting design. Now, I work for Philips lighting in Istanbul HQ as a designer for 4 years. I have taken part in several indoor&outdoor lighting design projects around the world.


Working hard as a buddy
I started scuba diving in 2008 and became an underwater photographer buddy after I met Taner in 2011. So far, I played a part in 3 national underwater photography championships, several special shoot-out competitions and many workshops. Being a buddy is a lot of work and it requires many responsibilities, sometimes even more than the photographer should carry out. Despite having all difficulties, pressure and stress while trying to shoot a millimetric creature, I enjoy a lot to be a part of the result by holding a snoot or modelling in wide angle shots.


Proud and happy
I am proud and happy for participating world championship and quiet excited to meet many people from all over the world. I believe we will go back home with amazing memories. Wish everybody a good luck !