Ron Offermans - Teamcaptain

I’m Ron Offermans, a professional photographer from Amsterdam. I am married and have two sons. I have been diving since 1989 and in 1990 I took my first photo’s underwater.

Beside my photography I also write articles for diving magazines and websites and I’m currently giving lectures and teaching underwater photography and underwater biology courses. I also wrote  the textbook on underwater photography that is used by the NOB (Dutch Underwatersports Association).


Preservation of underwater life

Since 2009 I am chairman of an organisation that strives for the preservation of the natural environment in the diving area that will also be used for the World Championship. The underwater life there is threatened because of the use of heavy metals in material to strenghten the dikes.

Third WC

This will be my third World Championship to take part in. In 2011 I was a contestant myself and in 2013 in Cuba I was teamcaptain for Holland, as I am this year.
In Bodrum it became clear to me that we had to take the preparations to the WC more seriously in order to have a chance to win. Luckily I could convince the NOB, so this year, we are well prepared. Since we also have the “home-advantage” I’m sure we will be one of the favorites for the titel.



Before I had ever taken part myself, I was kind of sceptical about underwater photography competitions. Now I prepare myself thouroughly, I make a plan before I go into the water. This is what really helped me to become Dutch Champion and be a better photographer than I was.

Marco Heesbeen - Photographer

I was born and raised in Roosendaal, in the south of The Netherlands. After completing my study in Technical Computer Science I have been working in ICT for years. First at a bank, later on I started my own company and soon after that I got involved with digital cameras.

In 1999 I started diving and only 1 year later I took my first steps in underwater photography. In 2002 I started my own business in underwater photography; Onderwaterhuis.NL. Together with 5 colleagues I am working in that shop every day, with a lot of passion. Except for Sundays, that’s the day we go diving ourselves!
The World Championship in Cuba was a fantastic experience. I was very happy to win a silver medal in the wide angle category. In 2014 I became Dutch Champion for the third time and I qualified for this World Championship. I’m really looking forward to it. I wish everyone the best of luck and see you soon!

Arco de Man - Photographer
I was born in the town of Dirksland in 1971. In daily life I work as a home decorator. In 2001 I got drawn into the world of diving during a holiday in Mexico. I took part in an introduction dive and I was addicted. Back in Holland I got all my diplomas and since 2003 I’m a PADI-instructor, besides my daytime job.

In 2008 I started underwater photography on vacation and in 2010 I bought my first gear. Since then I am using it more and more. For me, this WC is the first big event to take part in, so I am really looking forward to it!
Corné Bolders - Assistent/Model
I was born in 1978 in Woensdrecht. As a 4-year-old I loved being in the water, so after passing almost all swimming-exams possible, it was time for a next step; snorkeling. Unfortunately I had too many problems with my ears, so that didn’t work out.
It took untill the year 2000 for me to make my first dive during a holiday in Egypt. After inhaling the “diving virus” I was hooked: When I got back to Holland I took a diving course and started diving a lot. By now, I have made 1500 dives and I took more courses, such as the Trimix  ‘technical diving course.’

Photography had always been a hobby of mine, so I took my camera with me not long after my first dive. I started out with digital photography, analog photography was too much of a hassle.I bought my first under water set at my current employer, one of the biggest under water photography and video shops in Europe. At I am mainly responsible for maintenance of housing, lamps, flashlights etc.

Together with Marco Heesbeen, the owner of, I took part in the 2013 WC in Cuba. This year we are competing in home water, so we are determined to make this home game into something worthwhile.
Lilian de Man - Assistent/Model

I was born in Dordrecht in 1973. My first introduction to diving took place in Bonaire in 1999, where I got my license. I met Arco during a diving holiday in Egypt and I married him in 2006. We go on diving holidays a lot and we share our passion for diving, so it’s not a surprise I will be his model and assistant in the WC. In daily life I teach swimming classes and I’m looking forward to taking past in this WC, especially because it will take place in Zeeland.