Competition Zone Zoetersbout (26) - Oosterschelde

In the Oosterschelde, Zoetersbout is a good alternative should you miss slack water. This is one of the few places in the Oosterschelde which can be dived outside slack water. There is little current here, given its location at a dead end side channel of the Oosterschelde. It is a good site for those new to diving the Oosterschelde. However, during ebb tide there may be some current around the breakwater.

Despite the gentle current, there is a wide diversity of underwater life here. Lumpsuckers, eel and nudibranchs can be seen regularly. Seabass can be spotted in the shallow parts.

The competition zone lies between dike marker #394 on the east side of the mouth and dike marker #390 on the west side. Dives here during the competition will be shore dives.






  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Toilet

The limited current, even outside slack water, means that you can dive here all day.  The dive site is close to the navigation channel where it is prohibited to dive given the heavy shipping traffic. Divers must be aware that the area narrows during low tide in the Oosterschelde and that they then dive closer to the shipping lanes and shipping traffic. The nearby marina at Bruinisse is popular among pleasure craft in the summer, so be aware of that also.

Depth high tide: till 15 metres

Recommended maximum depth: 15 metres




Kruising Zijpseweg/Zuidweg, Bruinisse


Closest Divecenter:

Duikcentrum Waterworld

Rolleklootsedijk 1, Nieuwerkerk


Closest fill station:

Duikcentrum Waterworld

Rolleklootsedijk 1, Nieuwerkerk


Closest accommodation

Zeeland vakantiewoningen

Blankersweg 4A, Brouwershaven



Underwater photos: Ron Offermans