Competition Zone Frans Kok Rif (5) - Grevelingenmeer

The Frans Kok Reef consists of about one hundred concrete reef balls placed by army divers. Over time, the diving pontoon has under water become well covered in growth and is an interesting object to dive at itself. On sunny days, the play of light between the slats of wood is very photogenic.

The reef balls stimulate the growth of life and increase the biodiversity. Sponges, ascidians and plumose anemones grow well on the hard surface while various types of lobsters and shrimps live within the shelter of the balls.
The special structure of the balls have added much hard substrate to the area which is shaded and protected on the inside. The resulting special biotope can be easily observed through the holes in the balls.

The reef balls lie directly below the pontoon at a depth of 8 to 12 meters. The remains of the old sea dike lie along the dike at a depth of about 11 metres. Many lobsters live among the stones.

The competition zone is to the west of the pontoon and stretches from 50 metres from the pontoon to the bend in the dike. Diving at the pontoon itself is prohibited during the competition. Dives during the competition will be done from a boat.




  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Toilet
  • Fill station

Make sure that you do not enter the concrete waterways and do not touch any fishing nets as these are fishing grounds.


Depth: 12 metres

Recommended maximum depth: 10 metres




Zuidlangeweg, Dreischor


Closest Divecenter:

Duikschool De Dijk

Zuidweg 30, Zonnemaire


Closest fill station:

Dive location Frans Kok Rif (5)

Zuidlangeweg , Dreischor


Closest accommodation:

Zeeland vakantiewoningen

Blankersweg 4A, Brouwershaven



Underwater photos: Ron Offermans