Competition Zone Den Osse Haven (13) - Grevelingenmeer

This dive site is not far from the popular Den Osse Nieuwe Kerkweg site. That said, far fewer people dive here as diving here requires more effort. If you have parked at the harbour, you will need to walk about 250 metres along a narrow path to access the water.

Arriving at the training wall, the choices are to either walk along the wall to the end and enter the water there, or to enter the water at the east side of the wall. This means wading quite a way through shallow water. The water quickly deepens at about 100 metres from the side.

The long training wall and the steep slope with blocks of basalt mean that, in high wind, there is a strong current. These factors have led to plenty of growth and quite a lot of life. The fauna here include shorthorn sculpin, eelpout, great pipefish and, once in a while, a black goby can be seen trying to hide in an empty oyster shell. The steep areas near the pier are covered in tunicates and sponges, including the breadcrumb sponge.

The competition zone runs from the beach to the red buoy #G62 and an equal distance from the buoy westward to dike marker #17. During the competition, dives may be done from either a boat or from the shore at this location. The method of entry will depend on the weather conditions and will be decided prior to the start of the competition.





  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Fill station

Make sure that you do not enter the concrete waterways and do not touch any fishing nets as these are fishing grounds. Diving is prohibited in the area to the right of the training wall. This area is used by a sailing club.


Depth: 15 metres

Recommended maximum depth: 20 metres




Jachthaven Den Osse


Closest Divecenter:

Duikcentrum Scharendijke

Haven Kloosternol 3, Scharendijke


Duikcentrum de Grevelingen

Elkerzeeseweg 34, Scharendijke


Dolphins Dive Centre

Markt 24, Brouwershaven


Closest fill station:

Jachthaven Den Osse


Closest accommodation:

Dive Inn De Kabbelaar

Haven Kloosternol 3, Scharendijke


De Witte Boulevard

Hogezoom 149, Renesse



Underwater photos: Ron Offermans