Competition Zone De Stelhoeve (66) - Oosterschelde

The De Stelhoeve dive site is the holiday park the Hofstede De Stelhoeve's house reef. The group accommodation and the cottages are within walking distance on the other side of the dike. A wide ladder has been placed for divers so that they can go straight from their accommodation to dive in the Oosterschelde. Underwater, this dive site can be compared to the Parking dive site.

The most appealing animal that can be found in the Oosterschelde is the seahorse. There are various species of fish in the Oosterschelde such as flounder, sole, eel, seabass, dab, rock gunnel, grey mullet, eelpout, wrasse, lumpsucker, cuttlefish and sepiola. In short, the Oosterschelde is a wonderful area for diving in Zeeland with diverse flora and fauna. Various seaweeds create the biotope for amazing underwater life.

There are molluscs, anemones, plumose anemones and rock lobsters among the stones. Cuttlefish can be found here too once the water temperature reaches 12 degrees Celsius.

The competition zone is directly in front of De Stelhoeve between dike marker #1597 to the east of the dive ladder and dike marker #1600 to the west of the dive ladder. Dives here during the competition will be shore dives.





  • Ample parking
  • Dike crossing place
  • Safe entry into the water
  • Toilet
  • Showers
  • Fresh water sinks
  • Fill station
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurant

This site can be dived at both high and low tide. Visibility is usually better at high tide. Take note of the current! The current can be strong outside slack water. The bottom eventually reaches a depth of 30 metres, but there is little to see there.

Depth: 30 metres

Recommended maximum depth:  20 metres




Stelhoekweg 3, Wemeldinge


Closest Divecenter:

Duikshop Oktopussy

Wilhelminastraat 43, Wemeldinge


Closest fill station:

Camping Klein Stelle

Stelhoekweg 1, Wemeldinge


Closest accommodation:

Hofstede De Stelhoeve

Stelhoekweg 3, Wemeldinge


Camping Klein Stelle

Stelhoekweg 1, Wemeldinge


Hotel Wemeldinge

Noordelijke Achterweg 62, Wemeldinge


Camping Linda

Oostelijke Kanaalweg 4, Wemeldinge


Photos: Ivo Madder and Claudia Gravenstein