the netherlands

Famed for its cheese, tulips and windmills, the Netherlands is also the country of dykes and water. The renowned Delta Works in the province of Zeeland protects the Netherlands from the sea. Zeeland thus has the largest artificial underwater reef in the world. And it is here that the Underwater Photography World Championship will take place in 2015!


Take a look at this BBC documentary!


Zeeland is just as surprising top-side as it is underwater. Its people, the Zeeuwen, are ready to make the World Championship Underwater Photography a thoroughly enjoyable competition. Zeeland is well-equipped for divers and the accommodation is five star. And of course, you can get to know Zeeland’s kitchen: from oysters to sea lavender, and from lobster to samphire. Everything that a kitchen straddling sea and land, ‘Zeeland’, has to offer.

a challenge

It may seem at first that the World Championship Underwater Photography will lose its colour as the blue of the tropical seas is replaced by the clear green waters of Zeeland. The Championships have rarely been held in this type of water. Photographing here will be even more of a challenge! The water is colder, some of it is tidal, and the visibility is not infinite as it is in the Caribbean. But you can take amazing photos! Whether you use a wide-angle lens or go for macro, the colours will be alive.


Thursday, May 21st: Opening Ceremony

Friday, May 22nd: Adaption dives

Saturday, May 23: Competition dives

Sunday, May 24: Competition dives

Monday, May 25th: Prize Awarding Ceremony